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Criminal Defense

Bad things happen to good people.  People make mistakes, situations can quickly escalate, and often people are unjustly accused of crimes.  No one ever wants to find themselves in a situation where they must hire a criminal defense attorney, but when the need arises you need an experienced, respected, and aggressive attorney to fight for your rights and liberty.  When you hire Attorney Kovach she stands by you, committed to working her hardest to ensure you receive quality, aggressive, and compassionate legal representation.

Tamari Kovach is a local, Plymouth criminal defense attorney with over a fifteen years of criminal trial advocacy experience.  She has experience with both serious felony and misdemeanor offenses in district and superior court.  She tries cases to verdict, both jury and jury-waived trials.  She will develop a case theme, trial strategy, and effectively utilize pretrial motions to skillfully prepare your case for resolution so you can move on with your life.

Tamari Kovach offers her services for a wide range of criminal charges, including:

Domestic crimes
Larceny offenses
Probation surrender hearings
Show cause hearings
(also known as Clerk Magistrate Hearings)

Violent Crimes
Threats, Harassment, & Stalking
OUI Defense & Motor Vehicle Offenses Assault & Battery Charges
Restraining Order Violations

Drug Crimes
Gun Charges & Firearm Offenses

Knowing Your Options

Tamari Kovach is skilled in trial advocacy. She recognizes, however, that not all cases need a trial to achieve a successful resolution for her clients.  Many cases can be successfully resolved and or dismissed short of a trial by tactful yet aggressive negotiations, advocacy, and motion practice. After careful evaluation, all avenues of resolution will be explored and discussed with you, so you can make educated and informed decisions regarding the resolution or strategy of your case.

Steady Advocacy Through the Trial Process

Should your case proceed to trial, Attorney Kovach will provide support and advocacy for you every step of the way. Attorney Kovach will take the time to answer all your questions, make sure you truly understand the charges, consequences and what to expect during all stages of the process.Advocacy During all Stages of a Criminal Case:
  • Clerk magistrate’s hearing, also known as a show cause hearing
  • Arraignment
  • Bail arguments
  • Motion advocacy
  • Plea deals
  • Sentence mitigation
  • Probation surrender hearings and modification of conditions
  • Trial

Collateral Consequences of Criminal Charges

Attorney Kovach understands that a criminal charge can possibly have devastating collateral consequences for years to come. Collateral consequences are the things related to having a criminal record which can affect your quality of life, such as losing the right to vote, difficulties getting employment, or losing contact with family members. They can affect not just your liberty and reputation, but your employment, family, schooling, finances, licenses, and immigration status.  An important component of Attorney Kovach’s relationship with clients is spotting and minimizing the potential collateral consequences of a criminal matter.  She will ask the questions that will solicit the necessary information to effectively spot collateral consequences.

Flat Rate Fee for Criminal Cases

A reasonable flat fee rate is quoted for criminal cases. Hiring an experienced criminal defense attorney does not have to break the bank. Attorney Kovach will charge you a reasonable rate for experienced, dedicated, and attentive legal representation.  As a seasoned litigator she takes the time to evaluate the case to reach a fair and reasonable rate quote, taking into consideration the nature of the charges and expected complexity of the case.

Attorney Kovach accepts credit card payments because she understands that many people faced with an impending legal matter did not save for this type of unexpected expense.

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