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Attorney Tamari Kovach provides experienced legal representation in the practice areas of criminal defense, harassment orders, abuse prevention orders, and restraining orders.  Located in historic downtown Plymouth, Tamari Kovach's goal is to help people navigate through difficult legal situations by providing experienced, aggressive, and cost-effective legal representation. With her expertise you will feel confident that you are in good hands.  

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The Law Office of Tamari Kovach Concentrates in the Practice Areas of:

Criminal Defense

Bad things happen to good people.  People make mistakes, situations can quickly escalate, and often people are unjustly accused of crimes.  No one ever wants to find themselves in a situation where they must hire a criminal defense attorney, but when the need arises you need an experienced, respected, and aggressive attorney to fight for your rights and liberty.

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Restraining Orders - Harassment Prevention Orders & Abuse Prevention Orders

A restraining order is a legal measure put in place by a Massachusetts state court to provide protection to an individual and or child from abuse and or harassment. Whether you find yourself in the position that you to need to defend yourself against the issuance or extension of a restraining order, or require representation in seeking an order, there is no substitute for obtaining counsel from an experienced restraining order attorney.

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Clerk Magistrate Hearings

In Massachusetts, if you are accused of a misdemeanor but not arrested, generally you are entitled to a show cause hearing, commonly referred to as a clerk magistrate’s hearing. Having an experienced lawyer can help maximize the potential for avoiding a criminal charge at the show cause hearing.

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